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Sites that have helped me, either personally or in my career:

The Langa List: An informative site about the quirks of Windows, PC's and occasionally Linux backed up by a newsletter from Fred Langa (of Langa Consulting) with all sorts of useful tips and advice on how to run your pc better - visit

Microsoft Access Help Centre - a superb set of Access related forums that have got me out of several development dilemmas. These forums are free [as at 2004-Sep-05] and the best resource for help on Access development that I have found.
The above forum is hosted by the good folks at Access database repair and recovery - the best place to get your corrupt Microsoft Access database repaired.

The Progress Email Group This site is a superb resource if you are working with Progress (TM) databases.

Websites I have developed or updated

This one
UK Acoustic Club
Milton Keynes LUG

Linux User Groups

Milton Keynes

Friends Sites:

Thorshof.An introduction to the Norse traditions. Thorshof is run by several friends who go all the way back to my school days. Great people who believe in providing an informative site.