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Acoustic Music

I have written songs and performed at Bedford Folk Club as well as Ampthill Acoustic Club.


I am a member of Bedford, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes Linux User Groups and believe Free Software is worth supporting. The artists who create Free Software to scratch their own particular itch and then give the solution to anyone who has the same itch should be admired for both their talent and altruism.

My home network runs everything from Windows XP Pro through Debian Woody.


I'm heavily into fiction though my tastes vary from Bernard Cornwell through Jackie Collins to William Gibson (sort that out Freud!).

I also read management books though the first time I read about S shaped culmulative probability curves it was just after i'd designed the same curve from first principles as part of a presentation to my boss!

British Junior Chamber

An excellent resource for building management skills in a safe environment. A most enjoyable time where I honed my presentation and negotiation skills and found several friends.

18 Plus

Otherwise known as "The National Federation of 18 Plus Groups" I was a member of Amersham Group and watched it flourish briefly. 18 Plus was like Young Farmers but with more beer and better parties though it also had some wonderful 'personal development' training events.

I have 18 Plus to thank for meeting my wife, Suzy, so it'll always have a place in my heart though I am now too old to be a member.