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My Life

Born during the summer of love: Too young to notice much of it!

I spent my early years enjoying a semi-rural existence. Highlights included being licked by a friendly cow with lowlights including being charged at by a herd of cows. Our home town was so peaceful that Women Police Constables were allowed to patrol on their own.

I passed the 12 Plus selection exam to the delight of my parents and teachers but largely to my bemusement. This directed me down the High School route.

Later years saw me being bussed off to school where I excelled in some subjects while struggling in others. I was fortunate that I could drop most of the subjects I did not like before having to sit any meaningful exams so I ended up with a respectable crop of results especially given the amount of effort I expended ( see CV ).


I still want to learn to ride a motorbike: Despite all the horror stories and knowing what idiots we have on the road I still want to do it. This is getting harder as the UK government is putting layers of extra exams and tests in the way. One day, maybe. The latest, from 'er in doors', is that a bike licence will also cost me a divorce. Maybe I shall get to learn on a track, away from the caged nutters.

I would like to see all potential drivers have to pass their 'Bike test first and ride for 2 years before being allowed to have a car. The initial carnage may be horrid but the extra awareness may lower eventual accidents.

I want to live a mortgage-free life while owning our own house: If I work for another 30 years I may manage this!

Portfolio career: This term really sparked my interest as it makes anyone redundancy-proof. I want to develop multiple income streams but always deliver good value. This is a tricky one to accomplish when I am working more than 12 hours/day in my main job.

People I want to meet

Matthew Moran, author of The IT Career Builders Toolkit. This is tricky as he spends most of his time in Arizona and I do not.

Paul Browning, founder of NetworksInc He's even written a book on passing your CCNA which you may find for free if you hurry over to his site.

Where am I now?

Sitting at home at silly-oclock in the morning with my family asleep upstairs. Time for bed ...